Thursday, 15 October 2015

My Holidays

My Holidays

Finally Term 3 was over and the school holidays has started. I was waiting for ages and at last i got there.
The first thing i done after school was go on a trip to Tree Adventures with my youth group called
Mana Rangatahi it was cool first we had put our equipment on we had to put on a harness with two big clips and an attachment which lead to a flying fox cable. Then after that the instructor gave us a safety tour about how not to fall off the trees and how to clip on to the safety wires,That part was boring until we started to climb the trees,It was awesome.

After that we signed up for a holiday program at Dunkirk. It was for two weeks but we had three trips,The first trip was to Mega Zone and as soon as we got in it was awesome.First we went straight to the Laser Tag. We had to pick our teams as soon as we got in,there was four teams there was green team,blue team,red team and yellow team. For the first round I was in blue team,it was cool but also very easy because there was mostly all little kids playing so they were easy to shoot but it was still challenging because they were small and they could sneak around.After Laser Tag we also done Mini Golf and The Laser Web.

Our second trip was to Parakai springs,I liked the water slide because I went really fast down the slide. Our last trip was to the Movies at Botany. At the movies we watched Pan,It was awesome because the movie was about how Peter Pan was made. I also had an awesome time at home to because in the first week we went up Mt Wellington and had hot chips and then after that we had a walk around the mountain and then went back home. On the second day we took a drive to the Basin and had lunch,then after we had Burger king for dinner.

So that was basically my holidays for term three,and that was an awesome holidays and I can’t wait for the next one.

 Back for term 4 and I had an amazing holidays. I had an action packed holidays I hope you enjoy my recount and leave a comment.