Thursday, 5 November 2015

A time with friends.

Amazing race

Yesterday I thought it was going to be a regular day but I was wrong,as I looked up at the time table I saw something  unexpected because it said fun time and I wondered what that meant until Mrs Tele’a said that we will find out after morning tea.

Ring there goes the bell for the end of morning tea,I was so excited to finally find out what fun time meant and then my friends and I ran back to class. Then Miss Ingram opened the door and said “go inside and get changed into our PE gear and then I knew that we were going to be doing something cool. So I got changed into my PE gear and came back to class and there was writing on the whiteboard,and it everybody’s names in teams so I scanned for my name and it was in the team called one A then suddenly Mrs Tele’a called everyone to the Street/senior common room.
After all of the year seven and eights were sitting down in the street Mrs Tele’a  said that we were going to do an amazing race I was so excited. My friend had a schedule looking thing that had all the events and teams,our team was doing cookie face so we went to by the netball courts and there was a whole stand and everything so,we sat down and Miss Flavel gave us each a cookie and said this is cookie face,I thought you had to eat the cookie the fastest but I was wrong “this game is when you have to put the cookie on your forehead and use all your facial  muscles and try get the cookie into your mouth”said Miss Flavel. I thought it was going to be super easy but I was  mistaken it was actually super hard I didn’t get the cookie in my mouth,but I nearly did it just slipped off the edge of my mouth. The first one to get the cookie in their mouth was Uli and he got it in on the first round,there was also about four other people that got the cookie in their mouth to and unfortunately I was not one of those people

After cookie face we done an activity called pea pipes that challenge was probably the easiest one of them all because all you had to do was get a straw and there was a plate of peas and you had to suck up the pea and walk across a quarter of the netball court and place the pea into the plate on the other side of the court. My team came second out of six teams so I was pretty proud of my team and I.

The next event was called Fear factor,It was the most disgusting event because you had to eat dry weetbix,eat a mixture of spaghetti,kiwi fruit and all kinds of other stuff but luckily we didn't have enough time to eat the mixture of foods but I did have to eat the dry weetbix it was all dried up and mushy in my mouth, horrible.

The last event that we had to do was called Brain busters and that was the most trickiest of them all,they were basically brain teasers.first there was a riddle and it said an ancient invention that people have used a lot and it allows people to see through walls,then I finally got and the answer was window.

So that was a cool and super fun amazing race yesterday I just hope that we can do it again some time later in the term because it was a good time to spend with friends and have fun.

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  1. awesome writing son what a cool day you had... such a good story!!! were so proud of how well your doing!!!!