Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Google cardboard

It was just a normal day,well at least I thought it was until a man came into the senior common room with Mr.Burt and the man had a big box with something inside of it. Then the man asked my friends and I if we could help him with the big box. So as the man was about to open the box I was wondering what was inside,and then ... it was heaps of small boxes?.

But then the man said "they are not just small boxes,they are called Google cardboard. Google cardboard,what's that ?he said "you will see,then ring ring ring goes the bell so we all sat down in the senior common room and Mrs.Tele'a said today we have something different called Google cardboard,I was so excited but the dumb thing is that we had to wait until just before lunch.

it was finally time the time to experience Google cardboard,and once I put it on it was so awesome because you could visit lots of places like inside the Colosseum or inside of a cage in the ocean filled with great whites and exploring the rain forests with snakes,prey mantis and one of my favourite places was one of the tallest sky scrapers in the whole world and loads more that was the highlight of my day spending time with Google cardboard.

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