Friday, 20 March 2015

POLY fest


 Yesterday the year 7&8's went to Polyfest these are my top three highlights .....

My first highlight was when we went to the buses when we got in the buses Bailee and I were playing games the first game was called buzz this game is when we have to find a number plate that has the same number next to each other.we also played a game called sweet or sour this game is when you had to wave at someone anywhere and if they don't wave back it's a sour but if the person does wave back then it's a sweet and when you get a sweet you get a point we got 6 sweets on the way and 9 sweets on the way back.

My second highlight is when we got a  ASB goody bag there was some awesome sun glasses,sun screen,a drink bottle,a fan and a hake sack it was awesome.


  1. Hi Kruiz
    its me Josh I enjoyed your writing keep up the good work

  2. great work kruiz

    from kaharau