Thursday, 26 November 2015

Athletics day

Athletics day
at the end of the week on Friday there was Athletics,I was so excited because it was my first time doing athletics at pt England school.I knew that it would be very challenging but i was up for the task. And  suddenly mister Burt called us to the court then  we all   sat  down on the court  Where is mister Burt had a  siren in his hand  and he said Welcome To athletics.

The First event we done was discus,it was very difficult to do but i beat my high score. The people who got first,second and third got it as long as the limit. Even know that I didn't come first second or third but I was still proud of myself for doing my best.

One of the other events that we done was javelin,it was a little bit challenging but I done it any ways. I didn't even get 3 metres but it was awesome because that was my first time ever doing javelin,it looks very very very easy but it’s hard.  

One of my most favourite events was high jump,even know that high jump is usually hard for me but I gave it a try and it was awesome I because It was fun to just give it a try.

So that was my athletics day,And it was probably the most awesome athletics day that I had before.

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